Vancouver is definitely a place filled with hidden gems. Sometimes, tucked away in areas with virtually no foot traffic, you’ll find a spot that is just so crazy good that you have to blow it up all over social media. Rooster’s Ice Cream Bar is one of those spots. Their homemade ice cream has created quite a buzz and has quickly become a word-of-mouth destination for sweet treats. But beyond serving up a winning selection of unique flavours, Rooster’s has earned a solid reputation for donating proceeds of their sales to various charitable causes. Who said ice cream had to be a total guilty pleasure? So just how did it all come to together for Rooster’s? We went Behind the Counter with Mei, co-founder, to find out.

TEAMCHOMP: First off, we want to give a “cool” welcome to Mei, co-founder of Rooster’s Ice Cream Bar. Can you tell us a little about how Rooster’s was created? 

Mei: We share some similar spirits, and we all love ice cream. We love to make colourful, delicious, sweet creations for people to enjoy.

What comes to mind when coming up with your menu and developing new flavours?

We were lucky to find our first employee (the ice cream makers) to teach us the techniques to work with the machines. Dena (co-owner) was a long time fan of famous Seattle ice cream maker, Molly Moon. She had so many different ideas regarding the most popular flavours in the States now. We collaborated together last summer and made our first flavour, Salted Caramel, and we let our friends and people around try [it]. We got incredible responses. People say it’s the best Salted Caramel [they’ve] ever tried, with the right amount of salt and sugar. And they told us it’s unbelievable. From there it was unstoppable; we had one recipe after another. The unique lemon poppy seed recipe just came from nowhere. [It] came from one experiment, and bang! We knew it would be well-received by our customers. 

What is the most unique flavour served at Rooster’s Ice Cream Bar? 

I would pick lemon poppy seed. A lot of customers think this is the best. It’s made from fresh lemons. 

Serving ice cream with donuts and waffles seems to be a Rooster’s specialty. How did that come about? 

For the ice cream donuts, I had been to California and from there I tried one sweet home bun ice cream sandwich. It was impressive and delicious. And we thought, why don’t we introduce it to Vancouver? 

We heard about the charity work you’re involved in. Can you tell us how everything ties in together with your business? 

The charity work is our initial passion, it’s part of the love that we want to share. From our website, you can find more info.

How would you compare buying ice cream at a supermarket versus purchasing it at an independent ice cream shop? 

Our ice cream is all homemade in small batches with natural ingredients. You would not be able to find that from supermarket ice cream. Besides, we are nimble and constantly developing new recipes. We are making ice cream with passion and love. The big name makers only have limited choice regarding flavours. 

What do you think about Vancouver’s ice cream craze leading to the vast amount of specialty ice cream shops opening in the past few years? 

The more and more specialty stores, that’s great. Vancouverites can enjoy more delicate and special ice cream.

Rooster’s Ice Cream Bar:
1039 East Broadway, Vancouver, BC

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