Instagram’s filled with mouthwatering foodie photos and for those who use the #TEAMCHOMP hashtag, we see you (insert eyes emoji). Each week we’ll be selecting 10 photos with our hashtag to be showcased in our “Straight Outta Instagram” feature. Nothing beats scrumptious food, eye-catching photos, and great people.

Here are this week’s top 10 photos. Remember to tag your foodie photos with #TEAMCHOMP.

Grass jelly and taro balls, with a hint of nostalgia 😌

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You guys ever have an itch that's just begging to be scratched? The kind that feels "oh too good" to stop once you've started? The kind that you KNOW will make you look like you got mauled by a gorilla in heat, right before you step into a really important meeting but you go hard at it anyway just because it makes you feel alive?!?! . This is my relationship with spicy foods. Once you find that special heat, you'll want to keep eating regardless of how sweaty you'll end up or how much you'll end up regretting it the day after. . Pictured: Spicy Akaoni Ramen from @benkeiramen 🔥😍💯 (don't worry it's not crazy spicy, just enough to make you want more lol) . Thank you @benkeiramen for sharing your heat with me; I will need it this winter. And Steve if you happen to be reading this I apologize for my appearance the other day; I am not used to wearing wool for such long periods of time. . Big ups to my bro Pete @hangrymechanic for the strong pull 🙏🏻

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