Some Vancouverites love shopping, others doing yoga on the Burrard Bridge and some even have a weekly ritual of grabbing brunch on sunday mornings. So what happens when Vancouver becomes… Raincouver? One thing comes to mind – a nice hot bowl of noodle soup to warm the soul. People have all heard of the hyped noodles places with photos seen all over Instagram, but what about the hidden gems around town without the same social media presence? We have put together a list of TEAMCHOMP’s Top 5 Low-Key noodle joints that produce delicious dishes we just had to share with you. Get your chopsticks ready.

Hida Takayama Ramen


This humble ramen stand has been tucked away in the 2nd floor food court of the Robson Public Market since 2010. At under $10 per bowl you can get your fix of authentic ramen to crush that craving without breaking the bank. Get this, you can upsize your noodle portion at no extra cost – perfect for big eaters like me! They will also soon be catering to the east side with a new location by Kingsway & Joyce where an updated menu with new flavours and varieties (not to mention a liquor license) are being offered.

Chomp’s Pick: Sweet & Spicy Ramen

Max Noodle House


Who can deny themselves one of the staples of Hong Kong style cuisine… the infamous wunton noodle soup. Max Noodle House is the place to go if you want an affordable, delicious alternative to your usual noodle joint. Famous for their traditional noodle soup, their menu also includes options such as beef brisket, pork and shrimp dumplings, and stewed pork hock to make sure your dish is complete. Don’t like soup? Don’t worry! Get your noodle on with their many Lo-Mein varieties. It’s no wonder they have such a consistent client base.

Chomp’s Pick: Wunton Noodle Soup

Lai Leung Kee Delicatessen


So fast food has been commonly frowned upon over the years for being made too quickly to have good quality. While true in many cases, this is definitely not one of them. This token noodle joint is hidden in the Empire Centre Food Court and has been regarded as the top food stall in the mall by popular review. From a popular delectable like braised brisket noodles to a historic delicacy like snake soup, Lai Leung Kee Delicatessen hits the nail right on the head when it comes to offering a diverse menu for those on the go. The line up at the counter may seem off-putting but it speaks volume to the great service and quality food the owner provides. Head down and get in line!

Chomp’s Pick: 5 Assorted Meatballs & Seaweed Noodles

Cafe Xu Hue


A small Vietnamese restaurant with neon signs located along Kingsway on the east side. Know which one I’m talking about? (hint: almost all of them). What sets Cafe Xu Hue apart is the fact that they only have 12 items on their menu… INCLUDING drinks. This place probably puts a lot of confidence in the limited dishes they serve and they have every reason to. With authentic, delicious Vietnamese noodle dishes comes an equally impressive line up when seating becomes as limited as their menu! Do not ignore this small noodle joint next time you drive down Kingsway.

Chomp’s Pick: Bun Bo Hue

Amay’s House Burmese & Asian Cuisine


Amay’s House Burmese & Asian Cuisine is a place that will certainly Amay’s you (see what I did there). The interior resonates old-school simplicity, but this certainly does not do their menu justice. With authentic cuisine that stays true to its roots, this joint provides an extensive menu complete with specialty dishes that you just don’t often see in the local food scene. Combining cooking styles of the Thai, Cambodian, Indian and Chinese, this is the place to check out if you are in the mood for something fresh and unique.

Chomp’s Pick: Laksa

Written by: Christopher-Ryan Yu
Photography by: Rich Won

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