When discussing the most exciting new restaurants in the city, most people will proudly spout about their first (or second, or third) time dining at Savio Volpe. The Italian osteria is one of the driving forces powering the rapid growth of Fraserhood as a foodie destination. After being selected by enRoute Magazine as one of Canada’s top 10 new best restaurants in 2016, Savio Volpe appears destined to continue winning the hearts of food critics and bloggers alike. Want to book a table for dinner with your friends sometime next month? Check here online today. Yes, they’re that busy.

For our first-ever video feature, we are thrilled to present our sit-down with Paul Grunberg: co-owner and one of three wise foxes behind the hit restaurant. Thank you to Paul, Craig Stanghetta, Chef Mark Perrier, and the fine folks at Savio Volpe for their hospitality and allowing TEAMCHOMP to hang around and witness their prep time in the hours leading up to a busy Friday night service.

Osteria Savio Volpe
615 Kingsway
Vancouver, BC

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Doug Chan
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