Instagram’s filled with mouthwatering foodie photos and for those who use the #TEAMCHOMP hashtag, we see you (insert eyes emoji). Each week we’ll be selecting 10 photos with our hashtag to be showcased in our “Straight Outta Instagram” feature. Nothing beats scrumptious food, eye-catching photos, and great people.

Here are this week’s top 10 photos. Remember to tag your foodie photos with #TEAMCHOMP.

Salmon Oshi ($10), Scallop Oshi ($12), and Basil Ebi Oshi ($10) at #VictoriaSushi. Each order has 6 pieces, so it's a great price! They did fall apart a lot easier than Miku though. And we waited about 20 minutes for this and the place was very empty, so probably prepare to wait. My favourite was the Scallop Oshi ㅡ so buttery and you could really taste the aburi smokiness 😃 The flavours of the Salmon Oshi were just aight. I didn't really taste the jalepeno at all.. The basil sauce (pesto?) and the caper on top of the Basil Ebi Oshi overpowered the buttery and smoky aburi flavour. But that aside, it was still flavourful and yummy! – ps. I spent my entire reading break eating out omg… I didn't even study for my upcoming midterms LOL

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@labattoir_van weekend brunch 🙏🏻🙌🏼👌🏼

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