Hypebeasts are generally pretty easy to spot in the wild. Think about the times you’ve seen someone wearing a hoodie with a red box and “SUPREME” written inside ($800+ value) while strutting around like he’s a boss. One question I get asked a lot about hypebeasts, being a bit of one myself, is whether we wear these pieces because we genuinely love the quality, style and fit, or if it’s just for the branding. That question is what inspired this article because I wanted to tie together 2 things that get people talking: hype food and hype fashion. Without further ado, here are TEAMCHOMP’s 5 Types of Hypebeasts and the hype food they might be eating.

1. The “Wealthy Asian” Hypebeast

This is the guy you would see in an OFF WHITE sweater, CDG t-shirt, Thom Browne sweatpants and Alexander McQueen Oversized sneakers while holding a Milk Foam from Share Tea to complete the look. Not to mention, his girlfriend is likely wearing the exact same outfit as him. Some places you might run into the Wealthy Asian Hypebeast include bubble tea shops, dessert bars, fancy sushi bars and any other evening hotspots in Richmond. If you are looking to enjoy a snack while hunting for the Wealthy Asian Hypebeast, check out the following places for some good drinks and eats (just be ready to wait for parking, his M6 might take up 2 spots).

Find them at:
1) Share Tea
2) Meet Fresh
3) Miku Vancouver

2. The “What’s Trending” Hypebeast

True to his name, this guy represents only trending items on the market. If you guys remember, BAPE actually slowed down a few years ago when camo stopped trending. That meant the What’s-Trending Hypebeast was selling his shark hoodies and BAPE jackets. Now that it’s coming back in, be sure to check out this guy’s Instagram because he is definitely snapping shots of his re-acquired pieces. What might this guy be eating? It really depends. This guy probably follows TEAMCHOMP to see what would be worthy of a #shotaward. You can bet that there will be one of him holding artisan ice cream (shoutout to Mister), chilling at Snackshot or in the middle of some hyped food truck festival in town. Seeing as asian desserts have been trending, here are some spots you will definitely catch this guy.

Find them at:
1) Snackshot
2) The Praguery
3) Mister Artisan Ice Cream

3) The “Low Key” Hypebeast

This guy is that hardest to spot. He feels a sense of superiority and passively dominates the other hypebeasts by wearing hyped pieces that are either rare or not obvious. That includes small logos, brand-specific designs and detailing that only people who really do their research would know what it is (anyone heard of Visvim?). Hypebeasts on the low key walk around and laugh at at other Hypebeasts for thinking they have style. Some might call these the hipsters of the Hypebeast community. They don’t go to the mainstream places or hit up hot spots – they make an effort to find hidden gems so that they can take pride in their exclusivity. Nemesis is an example of a great coffee shop that has recently gotten extremely popular – this guy was there when it first opened and made an effort to take a shot of his drink without giving away his location. He just wants you to take an interest and ask him so he can be the trendsetter. Get ready for some latte art, intricate food styling and dishes that have ingredients you have to google.

Find them at:
1) Nemesis Coffee
2) 33 Acres Brewing Company
3) Savio Volpe

4) The “Sneakers Only” Hypebeast

H&M t-shirt, jeans from Zara and a pair of clean Jordans on his feet. This is the sneakers only Hypebeast. He doesn’t care about trending fashion, big brands or throwing money at overpriced logos. The only thing he cares about is keeping his kicks fresh and exclusive. The sneakers only Hypebeast takes pride in “breaking necks” and really doesn’t care about the rest of his getup. Picture a tray of In N’ Out burgers on a table. This guy will take a shot from above with his sneakers peeking out from under the table for a subtle flash of his kicks. He isn’t too picky about the food itself, but he does take pride in the aesthetic quality of his photos. Then again, what kind of hypebeast wouldn’t like to artistically showcase the hype in their life in some way? Because of the Hypebeast inside him, he will likely seek out some trending “shoe shot” spots to snap some pics and down the food.

Find them at:
1) In N’ Out Burgers (If we had one in Vancouver)
2) Krispy Kreme
3) Straight Outta Brooklyn NYC Pizzeria

5) The “Broke AF” Hypebeast

Poor guy… All he wants is hype clothes but he is probably a student that doesn’t have a job and living at home. He doesn’t have much so you will always see those key pieces in his rotation and he is very proud of it. Every hype piece is a grail and he makes sure he times his laundry so that he can rock everything when he goes out with his fellow hypebeasts. This guy probably eats bread and drinks water to save up for his pieces (the struggle is real).

Find them at:
1) Home
2) School
3) Mall

Which Hypebeast are you?


Written: Christopher-Ryan Yu
Photography: Rich Won

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