This has been a (delicious, calorie-laden) project in the making for quite some time now. The talk of creating a Vancouver cookie guide on TEAMCHOMP started quite a while back but it wasn’t until I had a cookie-induced meltdown that the idea of creating a joint project of Building A Cookie Box 101 and Vancouver Christmas Cookie Guide came into fruition. I created a cookie box last year and posted it with recipes for my favourite Christmas cookie. Coming into the holiday season this year, an overwhelming amount of emails and messages with questions about cookie box making flooded my inbox. Because of that I knew I had to create some sort of tutorial with helpful tips and tricks on how to make a cookie box — a cookie box 101, which you can find here. This year though, I had to fill the box with something different. That’s when TEAMCHOMP suggested that we fill the box with our favourite holiday cookies in the city and create a helpful cookie gift guide for those who might be looking for places to buy holiday treats. So it happened.

“So it happened” makes it seem like it was an easy task. The eating of the cookies after the project was completed was an effortless task that I would never mind doing again and again but the planning and the actual trek around the city to acquire all these cookies were tasks that were more than just a day’s work. We called several bakeries to make sure they still had cookies in stock and made any necessary pre-orders we had to. Instagram was a great help because we were able to see some of the holiday treats bakeries were offering this year. We wanted to get a variety of treats and create a box that had something for everyone. We got the classics covered. Shortbread, chocolate chip, buttery sablés. We found the most beautiful decorated sugar cookies in town that were almost too beautiful to eat. Almost. If you know us in real life, you know that we would never leave any butter-ridden confection uneaten. We also found some cookies that are twists to the classics — the use of rye flour to add extra flavour and texture and the addition of unusual spices to keep all the palate guessing.

We featured a few of our favourite bakeries in our cookie box. This by no means lists out all the great bakeries here in Vancouver but showcases some of the great festive treats one can buy during the Christmas season.


Butter Baked Goods
What we bought: Decorated sugar cookies, classic shortbread, pecan cranberry shortbread, mini gingerbead men, biscotti, chocolate dipped sandwich cookie, jam thumbprint, almond baton

*Butter Baked Goods offers their own cookie box for the holiday season

Cadeaux Bakery
What we bought: Large gingerbread men, meringue cookie sandwiches


Fife Bakery
What we bought: Classic chocolate chunk cookies

Half Baked Cookie Company
What we bought: Original, matcha, toffee, hazelnut shortbread cookies

Thomas Haas Chocolates & Patisserie
What we bought: Classic sablé star-shaped cookies

*We also had some delicious melt-in-your-mouth chocolate sparkle cookies while we were waiting in time and think they would make a great addition to any cookie box. You can also find the recipe to the chocolate sparkle cookies here.


Beaucoup Bakery
What we bought: Spiced rye sablés, rye ginger cookies, smokey Russian tea cakes, malted coffee thins


What we bought: Diablo cookies (spicy cayenne and ginger chocolate cookies)

*You can also make your own Diablo cookies with their recipe here.


Elysian Coffee
Amaretti cookies (gluten-free!), Scottish shortbread, pecan chocolate chip

Cashew sea salt chocolate chunk cookies, assorted bite-sizes cookies (chocolate sablé, alfajores)

We hope you find this guide helpful for finding your perfect Christmas cookie!

Written by: Amy Ho
Photography: Rich Won

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