TEAMCHOMP consists of a group of individuals who just want to show love to the places and people creating legit, can’t-miss food. We aren’t food snobs. We aren’t critics. We aren’t going to break down your favourite spot’s signature dish and analyze it top to bottom. What we do promise, though, is a positive but honest look at what’s currently happening in the world of food

When we’re not checking out new restaurants, we’re exploring the interactions connecting food with family, friends, community, and culture. We’ll be showcasing a variety of individuals who are making meaningful impact from both within and outside of the culinary world. And when we’re not doing that, we’re obsessing over food hacks and food-themed word puns.

Thanks for being a homie, we donut know how we’d do it without you.


Founder – Rich Won
Editor in Chief – Jason Chow
Editor – Doug Chan
Writer – Christopher-Ryan Yu
Writer – Lana Ma
Writer – Dominic Wong
Photographer – Nathan Dong